Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


According to Google, Daiso is .5 miles from here. And I can tell you it's mainly a flat .5 miles and today the sun, which generally annoys me to distraction, wasn't even out. I barely made it there and getting home was agony. Fuck.

But, on the other side, I have a lovely little benchmark. If/when I can get there and back without having to stop a million times to catch my breath, I will know I'm making progress.

And, my Shine was VERY impressed. I am, at 1 pm, 151% of my daily goal. (Yeah, I'd probably benefit from setting said goal a tad higher but it's default and who am I to argue?)

Google offered up their new Pixel for purchase today and I did. They did it the way I wanted. Took the old Pixel and kept the same size, shape, keyboard, trackpad and gave it far more umph and speed with superior ports (kind, placement and number of) AND a fast charging way longer battery. Just exactly what I've been waiting for. Yeah!!

One of the recipes that Anita made called for tangerines and, knowing how much I love them, she just bought a bag of them. Delicious. Just had one and may have another.
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