Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Yesterday was not that much fun. I love having the meals that Chef Anita cooks for me, I really don't like the days she is here. Plus my swim was weird. I couldn't get enough air in my lungs and it's really hard to pant and swim at the same time.

I really hate whining about the Day Light Saving change. I get all snarky and holier than thou about it. It happens - twice a year - get over it. But... I am forced to blame it for bad sleeping and generally being out of sorts.

howeird nailed the solution this morning. Obama needs to come out loudly as a Day Light Saving Time fan and Congress will outlaw it in a hot minute.

At least the clock in my car is finally correct.

But, today is a new day. This morning's swim was excellent. It felt good and I had plenty of air to enjoy it. The house cleaner will be here in a bit. I think I'll go do my 20 minutes of walking while she is here.

I really do love the Misfit Shine. And it's working its magic. Knowing my moves are being tracked really does spur me on to make more of them. I always get to the pool early. I end up killing 5 to 10 mins, sitting on the edge waiting for time to get in. Yesterday, without even thinking about it, I spent that time walking around the pool. Just strolling and not sitting. I feel like a cliche but I'm ok with that.

It's cloudy/rainyish today so I think I'll take advantage of the absence of the glaring sun to walk across the vast asphalt parking lot and go wander around the Daiso (everything $1.50!) store.
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