Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Good morning!

The Misfit Flash died yesterday and the Misfit Shine arrived. I like the Shine much better. Plus, last night I found - in Amazon reviews - a cool trick to ensure the little Shine button doesn't fall out of the band or disappear.

The shine comes with a wrist band and also a little magnetic holder to clip on pocket or shoes. By sliding the clip on the wrist band, the magnet offers insurance. A genius of an idea really. I will also be buying a different band - one that is both waterproof and offers more security. Until it comes, I'm far more comfortable that this one won't end up on the bottom of the pool.

I did not use a breathe right strip last night and my tracker took notice. Not much deep sleep. Got it. I worry that one morning I'll wake up and have no skin on my nose. Guess then I'll bend to the CPAP.

Today is Chef Anita day. Just in time. I'm out of decent dinners. Swimming is at 11. I think I'll do my 20 minutes of walking with a spin around some blocks here between getting Anita settled and leaving for the pool.

I'm such a morning person. I always want to get everything done first thing and then take the rest of the day off.

I placed two orders from Etsy recently. One was a week ago and one was yesterday. I have yet to hear a peep from the week ago one. I already have a tracking number from yesterday's. I send the laggard an email telling her to cancel and refund my money. Crickets. Today I went to Chase (my Amazon credit card) and disputed the charge. When the Etsy seller is good, I love shopping there so much. I've had more than a few handmade craft people be less than fun sellers but this is the first time I've had a total flake.
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