Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Yeah new tech but also BIG NEWS!!!!

The Shine arrived and so far... I'm liking it better. It's way more solid in the wrist strap than the Flash was and has different action (tap instead of press). It's a little heavier but also feels a little more solid. I'm sure time will tell on this experiment.

But, the BIG NEWS!!!! is that I think we have a tenant in the big apartment across the street. This is the one that the fun bear couple moved out of last month. One young dude is wandering around trying light switches and window shades (careful there, dude, not too much shade action if you please)... And he just bought in a bag of groceries. Yeah! It's been so bleak over there for the past month.

I did do my 20 minutes of walking. I did stop once but only to check and make sure I was 10 minutes out. I still can't seem to get enough air in when I breathe through my nose. I try but fail. And I was running short of all air by the time I got home but I did it. So. Better than not!
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