Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My swim was great but when I went to check and see how great on my Flash, I discovered that my Flash was at the bottom of the pool. A kind guy - a regular - when down the 12 feet and got it for me. Sigh. But, then, when I got home and fashioned a way to secure it until the replacement band arrives, the Flash completely stopped working. Dead. Doornail dead.

Back to Amazon. The Shine should be here today. Maybe I'll try the Pebble watch. It's swimmable. I've only been marginally aware of it because I assumed wearing anything on my wrist was not doable. I now know it's doable. Ugly but doable.

But, most important today is getting in my 20 minute walk. It won't get tracked but my lungs will know. So... first breakfast and then walk. I think I'm going to try the 20 minutes in one gulp to get it over with and done.

Yesterday I decided to move some drinking glasses that I rarely use but don't want to give away yet off the hallway shelf. I got out the ladder and delved into those two cabinets over the fridge. Found room, moved the glasses, but... I had the glasses upside down on rubber grid mats which where there so long, they left rubber dots on the shelves.

I tried to get the dots gone with GooGone which kind of worked but mainly got the paint on the shelves gone. ARUGH!! So now I need to get to Benjamin Moore and find touchup paint to fix what I did. I think I have the correct paint color number but I think I'll go get some color chips first to make sure. Sadly the paint store is way more than a walk from here. Oh well.

In case I haven't mentioned it, I love being retired. Choices!
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