Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fail fail fail but damnit, I got in my 20+!

I got my boots on without a problem and my foot was really ok. My calf, however, was really sore. I think from limping around yesterday. Once I hit the street, however, I forgot about both the foot and the calf so I think we can call it good.

The diner was closed. Bad. So I went on to the hotel. I had to stop a couple of times to catch my breath but not for long. I did find myself wishing for red lights at every intersection. The hotel turns out to be exactly 20 minutes from the house.  Nice!

It's a lovely, comfortable place. They offer you actual real newspapers - NY Times, Seattle Times or WSJ. They have very high quality finishings. I love the silverware they use. They put a coffee pot on the table which is really very pretty. And pours coffee all over everywhere when you try to use it. The menu isn't too exciting. And my omelette wasn't horrible but it was working hard to be mediocre. The potatoes were nearly cold.

They brought my check when I was not even halfway done eating. I put my credit card on top of it and that, apparently, made me invisible. The check was for $19.79. The only cash I had were 20 dollar bills. Finally after I waited a long time, I switched out the credit card for 2 twenties. Still nothing. So, in the end, I gathered up my stuff, grabbed one of the 20's and spit. Fuck'em.

It used to be a great place. Fun menu, great service, good food. Oh well.

On the way home I passed by the only place in the 'hood which is actually open for Sunday brunch now. It's not my favorite but it was packed - as in zero seats left. hmmmm

But, I did get food and I did get 20 minutes worth of walking in ... twice! I can live with that.
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