Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Random thots

I decided that rather than return/replace this broken band/Flash to Amazon and get a replacement, I'd get a Misfit Shine instead and compare. So I ordered up a Shine today. I'll be sending this Flash back but, if I like the Shine better, I won't order a new Flash. Or I will and will send the Shine back.

My foot is way better. I can at least walk around the condo without worry about falling and/or excruciating pain. I am anticipating being able to sleep tonight and maybe even doing my 20 minute walk tomorrow.

I had and thoroughly enjoyed broiled peanut butter on toast for dinner tonight. 2 slices with a bit of diet Dr. Pepper. And melon. It was perfectly delicious and nicely filling.

I'm honestly not at all interested in changing what I eat. I do not like organic or whole wheat or brown or fat free or sugar free. I do love butter, anything fried, meat and eggs and cheese.

BUT, I think I can certainly cut down on how much I eat. Fairly easily. And that's my plan.

Plus, the other day on one of my walks, I stopped in at a little deli a couple of blocks over and picked up a container of cubed assorted melon. I've been eating on it for several days and finished it off tonight. All of the melons - honeydew, watermelon and cantaloupe were perfectly ripe and full of flavor. I don't remember how much it cost but I remember thinking it seemed pricey. I got it and a sushi 6 pack for $12. But, now, I'm thinking it was worth every penny and I'll be getting more. Soon.
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