Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

This and That Day so far...

Just before the pool opened The Slow Annoying Backstroke Lady showed up. She and I both use the Easy lane. I watched her carefully and correctly guessed which one she would pick and then I hopped into the other one. Whew. Bullet dodged. And, so I had a GREAT swim. My gout-y foot didn't bother me too much and as I swam on, it even bothered me less and less. I did my mile and kept on going for another half mile. It was great.

Then I hobbled to pick up a couple of grocery items and then home. I wasn't home long when I got an email that my last chromebook had sold on Amazon. Yeah! This one sold for $20 less than I paid for it brand new about six months ago. Excellent. Now, if they would just announce the new Pixel and take my money.

I reset the device, found the original box and packaging and boxed it up and took it to the post office. Amazon promises the buyer they will have it a week from Monday but I sent it faster. He'll have it this coming Monday. I know that would tickle me. Hope it does him.

Back from the post office and picked up my own mail to find my $100 rebate Electrolux for my stove. It's one of those gift card Mastercards which make me twitchy because how do you spend exactly $100? and They aren't refillable and they do have fees if you aren't careful. So, I activated it and bought a $100 gift card at Amazon. I have no problem spending $100 on Amazon and I know there won't be any fees and I know I can combine with other payment methods when I need to. So done.

My foot is no worse and, really hurts less if I'm not trying to walk on it. One of my swim friends told me this morning that there was a Times article this week about An Upside to Gout; It May Offer Alzheimer Protection. And, yes! I found it. I'm perfectly happy with Alzheimer protection!

I'm now listening to the Mariners win another spring training game.
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