Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


In the middle of the night I was attacked by the gout monster. I was asleep but aware that something was wanky with my foot. This morning, I totally get what the wanky is. And it really hurts.

I popped a gout pill (indomethacin) and now have my foot encased in ice. It's been a while since I've had an attack that woke me up. This one is pretty darned ouchie. Hopefully, it will go away fast. It's, for sure, going to wreck havoc with my 20 minutes of walking if it does not let up and fast. I should be able to swim without much problem.

The band that holds my Flash to my wrist broke last night. The internets say this is not uncommon at all. I filled out the form on their website and, hopefully, they will send me a new one. If not, I'll return it to Amazon and get a replacement. Meanwhile some superglue and masking tape have made it so I can at least keep wearing it. It stayed on fine last night. And, apparently, I did not do any swimming in my sleep last night.

But, my plan is to leave for the pool in an hour (8:30) and get in as much of my mile as possible on a Saturday. Usually I can do at least a half mile before the weekend swimmers crowd me out. I think today, I'll just come on home and take care of my poor foot.
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