Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today's 20 minutes, plus some, are in the bag. There is a bus tunnel about a 10 minute walk from here that has buses to everywhere. The problem is that the walk between here and the bus tunnel is on totally unshaded asphalt. This time of year, the heat is not the issue but the sun. I'm already tired coming home and by the time I get in my building the sun has whipped the shit out of me. A hat helps and I didn't have one with me today.

The movie was 100% so-so. If I had been watching it via stream at home, I probably would not have given it 15 minutes. It wasn't horrible. But, I've sure seen better.

Now I'm glad to be home with nothing that has to be done except dinner. Creamed Chipped Beef over toast and I've already 'staled' the bread for toast. (Not fresh bread makes the best crunchiest toast which is what I want under my creamed chipped beef.)

And then TV and knitting. I've earned it.
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