Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I C U... perfectly. The Doctor says so!

I did remember to wear clothes to the pool today so I did not arrive at my Doctor's appointment comando. Yeah me!  I got there at 7:40 and my appointment was at 8:40 so I went to the coffee shop and got coffee and a really substandard small muffin thing. I at the muffin thing and then took the coffee up to the doctor's reception area. I checked in and then settled in with my tablet and email and just when my coffee was cool enough and I fired up LJ the technician came out "want to get started early?"

So my See Ya handshake with the doctor happened at 8:55 and I was out the door. They looked at everything and pronounced my eyes golden. No more new signs of macular degeneration, no signs of glaucoma, no signs of diabetes, good vision. Sweet! I was even able to make it home easily with dilated eyes. I don't think they were really all that dilated actually.

My new tracker automatically tracks sleep. How much total and how much deep. Hilariously, however, last night it reported that while I slept 8 hours and 32 minutes (with 5 hours and 25 minutes deep sleep), from 12:00-2:39am I did 2 points of swimming! (An hour of real swim seems to be between 700-800 points.)

I'm thinking this might be more useful as a comparison rather than an absolute. It's fun in any event.

Next up, I think, is the movie. My plan is to walk to the bus (10 mins) and then after the movie, I may walk down to Target before I bus back and do another 10 mins home. That will give me more than 20 for the day.

But the kitchen needs cleaning first and my bed's not even made! I have about an hour and a half before time to leave so plenty of time to get 'er done.
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