Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Day 2 and I'm good

So I did a 20 minute walk around the neighborhood this morning. I still can't remember how to breathe but I got it done anyway. I can and do remember going up stairs and that's one place it really matters.

Then I took my new gadget swimming and all is excellent. I forgot about the head turning thing I learned until I was about 10 laps in and then I remembered and used it til the end. I think it's a good thing.

The default goal for my new toy is 1000 points. Points are some kind of aggregated measurement of all kinds of activities. The app shows you points of that the average female Misfit wearer accumulates daily which is a nice comparison point.

Anyway, when I was done swimming, I had 1,380 for the day and it was 1 pm. Nice. I can cruise for the rest of the day.

So far, however, I have fought the computer. My desktop - the only non-chromebook computer in the house - is having some kind of attack. After turning off and on (cold reboot) a couple of times, I finally got it to where I'm pretty sure my brother's tech can fix it. Neither one of the two CD/DVD drives work but now I can see them in device manager and the error points to the registry. His tech can log into my machine and fix it.

Baseball is going on. Nice.

I need to remember to take clothes to swimming tomorrow. For early morning swims, I put on my suite and over it, a floor length hoodie and wear that to the pool. Coming home, my suit is wrapped in my towel in my bag and I do the hoodie commando.

But tomorrow I'll go from the pool to the eye doctor and I think it would be nicer if I was wearing clothes. I think my best bet would be to lay them out tonight and hide the hoodie so I don't forget in the morning.

I think my walk tomorrow is going to be to the movie theater to see that new Marigold Hotel movie. I still have to come up with Saturday and Sunday walks. Walking around the block is going to get old after a bit.
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