Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This Misfit Flash has me mesmerized. Probably not for long but at least for today. I now have it set up to automatically update two spreadsheets. One for activity and one for sleep. Ha. I'm very interested in how swimming with it works out.

I invested in two different swimming tech devices. They both attach to your goggles. One gives you instant feedback - little dots telling you your heart rate telling you whether it's going up or down, and then tracking of your swim after on the computer. The other one gives you instruction in your ear while you swim. Neither has shipped yet. And maybe neither will. I invested more for supporting swimming tech than for the actual devices.

If this Flash works as it's supposed to, it should really give me all I want. We shall see. Oh and sleeping with it on last night resulted in no new bruises so yeah!

I'm still not sold on walking 20 minutes a day. My current goal is to give it a real try at least from now until I go back to that guy in three weeks.

So today is swim and walk and baseball. That cute guy who broke his leg yesterday is out 4 to 6 months. Poor guy. He's been in the minor leagues for 5 years. They said he probably would have been in triple A this year, one simple step to the bigs. Finally gets his big break and breaks it. Geesh.

But, first, breakfast. I've been on a breakfast burrito roll this week but I finished off the last of the tortillas yesterday. Maybe today's 20 minutes walk will be to go get more.
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