Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fabulous day...

I did not walk 20 minutes today but I did walk 19 so I'm calling it good. I went out just now and circled the building. I still can't get that breathing trick down but I'm getting better and I'm not panting. So far so good.

All of my toys arrived. The wifi router extender I ordered is very cool. It's a fancy Netgear one that has four ethernet ports. You hook it up via wifi and then your gear attached by ethernet is none the wiser and you don't have cable strung across the room. I had an old one (actually two which was stupid but neither worked very well) and a switch. I was able to get rid of all of that and freed up two electrical outlets! Plus, it seems pretty stable. TiVo is happy which is the big key.

And my Misfit Flash arrived. So far... pretty excellent. It's attractive and not particulary fitness tracking looking. I was not (and still am not totally) sure that wearing something around my wrist was going to be a solid plan. Since every tiny bump results in a giant purple blood bruise, I didn't know if it would be an issue. But, the band is kind of flexible and the edges aren't terribly hard so it could work.

The little Flash disk sits in the band (or the accompanying clip if you don't want the band) and you really don't need to take it out to sync. Which is good because it does not fit in there good so I had to anchor down with rubber bands. This seems to work well and I like the splash of color.

It syncs easily with my phone. And does not make me connect it to Facebook. If it swims and doesn't break, we cold well have a winner here.

The Mariners won their first game - Spring Training. It took 10 innings and the leg breaking of a really cute baby first baseman. Seriously, he's so young and really energetic and got us one of our three runs and then jumped up to catch a ball and landed just badly. Sigh.

I did get an email from my Boston Red Sox nephew (who actually lives in Des Moines, IA). We are not in touch but share baseball. So once every 3 or 4 years, he'll send me a trash talking email. Today's was a congratulations on a winning (so far) season.

The Mariners are 1-0 so far and Boston is 0-0.

Dinner time.
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