Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Still breathing...

While the doctor, yesterday, was looking in my mouth and punching around my neck, he asked "have you ever been diagnosed with sleep apnea?" I told him that I had not but I was sure I had it. I can't handle the idea of sleeping with that machine so I live in denial. Breathe Right strips and sleeping on an incline.

Most nights that combo works pretty darned well. Last night, not so much. But, even when it doesn't work, no biggie. If I get sleepy in the day, I go to sleep. The Misfit Flash I ordered it supposed to track sleeping too. That might be interesting. I was grateful that today was an early swim day.

The doctor also asked me yesterday how, exactly, I breathe when I swim. I could not tell him. (genius, right?). This morning I found out. I breathe in through my mouth and out through my nose.

Also this morning, while waiting for the group who trains before our swim time to finish, I was chatting with Mary the lifeguard who is also a swim coach. She was giving me critics of the swimmers' bad forms. I told her I'd love to know what I was doing wrong or could be doing better. Please!

So after my first lap, she and Sophie (the other lifeguard) told me that I was picking my head up too high out of the water. I turn my head to the right and when I do so, my left ear should say in the water. And it wasn't. So that's what I worked on today and it was great. (Also I got kudos from both of them for my nail color. Bonus!)

Today is delivery day. I ordered some stuff from Amazon and picked slow delivery (give me that $1 ebook/music credit, please) and some other stuff for regular two day and then one thing for SEND IT FAST, please. And all of it... arrives today. 3 pkg via USPS - they should be here about noonish. One via Ontrack. It should be here about 1ish and One via UPS - I'm guessing about 2.

A handbag (purse?), a wireless extender/switch (dual band to replace my 2.5mhz which keeps dropping out on me), the Misfit Flash, a mini LED string of lights for the kitchen, a plastic wrap dispenser and 5 pounds of spearmint leaf gumdrops.

So big day here. Plus now I have to squeeze in a 20 minute walk or at least a 10 minute one or at least something. I'm cool with starting slow but not starting is not an option.

But, first there needs to be some breakfast.
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