Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I wasn't kidding about the nails. The nail lady asked me 2 times if I was sure. I'm thinking she really wasn't.


The doctor today was really shocked when I said that benzonatate really worked and fast for me every single time. I take it for coughing and it stops the coughing in minutes. He said he does not remember the last time someone reported its working for them. I allowed as how it could be working ONLY psychosomatically. He very quickly said "I doubt that but either way, if it works, GREAT!" no kidding.

Plus, I'm pretty sure belleweather she said she used benzonatate and it worked for her, too.

So maybe we're the only two. Matters not to me. That shit works.


I ordered a Misfit Flash. It will be here tomorrow. 20 minutes of walking will commence. But I'm not doing it without fun tech.
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