Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

No magic bullet

The pulmonolgy guy was fine. Nice and easy to talk to. But, apparently, has no magic up his doctor's coat sleeve. The drugs I'm on now are at least the right ones, so that's nice. He wants me to do another fancy breathing test. It's the same one with the same guy that I had four years ago. It would be bothersome except the guy is just the coolest guy ever and spending an hour with him is great no matter what you are doing.

Dr. Lee checked me over and asked me about a bascillion questions. And noted that my breathing issues when tested four years ago were 'pretty severe' so he's not too surprised that they might be worse now. He seemed kind of of surprised that I have actually been as healthy as I have been and that I can swim an hour a day.

He thinks that by walking more (instead of less, like I have been) my ability to walk and breathe at the same time will improve. And he thinks I need to lose weight (doh). He showed me some breathing tricks to try while I walk. I'm pretty sure the losing weight thing is a non-starter. I like what I eat and when I eat and that's not going to change. I spent 40 years dieting and if I die sooner because of what I eat, then so be it. Ditto worsening breathing problems.

But I can maybe walk some. Or at least try. He wants me to do 20 minutes a day which is probably overly ambitious. But, where I have been avoiding walking anywhere unnecessarily, I can stop that. And at least try.

So, in a couple of weeks, I go back and do his fancy schmancy spirometry test and see him again. And between now and then I walk.

He did say that the swimming might work so well for me because of the control. I can't just breathe when I want to, I have to wait until my head is out of water. He said that kind of control forces me to empty out my lungs before inhaling again and that's something that COPDers don't do well at all. (That's also tied to the trick he wants me to use while walking.)


My nails are now day glow orange.


And I have an eye doctor appointment on Friday.
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