Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

No joy at the mail box

I just went down to get the mail. I had new goggles coming in from Amazon but I thought I'd check the letter box as well. Joy for goggles. No joy for letter box.

There was a post card from the City of Seattle with the amount of my parking fine and the amount of the penalty for not paying it. WHAT???

The city's website told me the date and place and I was instantly awash (PUN INTENDED) in the memory. It was outside a restaurant when my brother was here and it was pouring... I mean east coast gully washing pouring rain. When we got into the car, we noticed a blob that looked like a giant bird had shit on the window. My brother bravely snaked his hand out there and got a pinch of it. It was not bird shit, but paper pulp. As it turns out... a parking ticket.

Neither my brother nor I remember any NO Parking signs. They must have snagged a bunch of us because it was angle parking and the block was full.

I could certainly contest the penalty but, I'd have to get a court date and then go to the court house which would involve finding parking in an area that would cost me more than the penalty! It's only about 9 blocks from here but uphill so there's no way I could walk.

As I told my brother, in the 25 years I've lived here I've parked illegally many many times and this is my first ever ticket. I figure it's a small price to pay for a quarter century of sins.

BUT also in the mail...

Was a passed due notice for my long term care insurance. Basically, this notice said my insurance policy had lapsed. Not canceled, thankfully. My investment guy said that he paid the premium. So now I'm wondering where his payment went! I'm sure it will hit panic the minute he sees the email and will fix it somehow but kind of jolting. I've been paying an average of $1k a year on that sucker for the past 15 years or so. I'd hate to see all that go down the drain.

On the up side. Every dirty clothe in this house is now clean and folded and will soon be put away.
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