Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today is the last Sunday without baseball until October. From March through October, nearly every day brings a baseball game. During the few years when the Mariners are winning, I actually listen or watch most of it with focus but the rest of the time - most of the time - it's a comfortable background. It's provides a lovely rhythm to my life.

Riki Lindhome of Garfunkel and Oates spends a good deal of her life on the road, in a hotel room, by herself. She talks about how the first thing she does when she walks into a new hotel room is turn on the TV and finds a station with Law and Order reruns. Every city, every hotel has at least one. She hears that da dum and it's like she's in her own version of 'home'.  It's a comforting background.

And that's baseball to me. My grandpa taught me about baseball in the 50's when Dizzy Dean and Peewee Reece did the play by play on their huge black and white TV with the teensy screen on the back porch of my grandparents home on Sunday afternoons in hot hot hot Oklahoma summers. He taught me to be quiet and listen to the crack of the bat and the noise of the crowds and the rhythm of the game. And, that, in the middle of the 7th inning, there is nothing that is better than an ice cold Coca-Cola sipped right out of the bottle. No glass, no straw.

Most of the games are on TV - even the Spring Training games this year but all are on the radio. The down side is that it's AM radio. I cannot get an AM radio signal in this condo unless I sit out on the terrace. BUT there's an app. Major League Baseball has for a few years now - provided radio and TV broadcasts of all of their games via an app for phone or tablet. I don't get the TV package but for $19 (up $5 from last year but still SUCH a bargain), I get all the radio broadcasts of all the games (from all the teams) plus, stats and scores and stuff. And, every day, there is one free TV broadcast. It's a cool app that actually does get better every year. They wait til the last minute to update it for the season but this year they came out early. I got the update last night.

So now I am really ready.

Nothing really happening today. Maybe some laundry. Maybe not. Definitely knitting and crocheting and TVing. But, first, a breakfast burrito.
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