Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

ups and downs

Saturdays are the days that non swimmers wake up and think 'hmmm maybe I'll give it a go today.' And so they do and I'm all for new swimmers trying out the water but it can make for some lappus interuptus for the rest of us. Knowing this, I always approach Saturdays hoping to get in 30 good minutes while the newbies try to figure out the whole check in/locker room/shower/which side of the pool to get in thing.  If I get an hour, great. But, if I don't, at least I'm not disappointed.

Today was a 30 minute day. I used to try and work around the woman who stands at the end of the pool until I'm two strokes from the end and THEN takes off with a slow breast stroke.  Or the guy who didn't see the circle swim sign and so wants to run right into me.

Then I learned that it was just easier on me and my attitude if I just get out, get showered and get the fuck out of there. Five days a week, I swim when mostly it's people who are serious about it. So I just donate half my time on Saturdays and all my time on Sundays to the cause. No biggie.

Today I went to a place I like for brunch and they were full up. They had counter space but ugh. So I went to another plae that I don't think I'd been there in 15-20 years and it was just delicious. Not fancy, not pretty, no great service, just a perfectly delicious giant breakfast burrito.

Then across the street I got kitty litter, cole slaw and tortillas (cause now I want more burritos)!

Then home where I cleaned the kitchen and put everything away. Plugged in my Kindle and went to the library (virtually). I finished my book over breakfast and my Kindle nearly ran out of juice. At the library, I searched Kindle books on Getting Old and found several interesting ones. I figure it's time to maybe read about how to do it rather than just floundering through it blindly.

And that's the day so far. Pretty darned good, actually. Next is knitting and a decision... Downton Abbey, Bosch, or House of Cards?
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