Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Yesterday I sold a laptop on Amazon. I bought it in November for $200. It's one of those HP Stream Windows laptops. It's still available for $200. I priced mine at $195 because I honestly didn't care if it sold or not. Why in the world would someone buy a used computer for $195 when a brand new one is $200??? Oh well. At least I still had everything - even the plastic bags for the laptop and charger - in the very same box. I felt so guilty, that I spent $18 in shipping so she could get it on Monday.

I still have a chromebook listed for sale. I'm getting my little pot o' cash together so I can buy one of the Pixel 2's that Google says is coming soon. I'm hitting 'buy' the minute the button goes live.

This morning, as usual, there will be swimming. I have decided to decide while I swim what happens after. There may be brunch out somewhere or there may be brunch here.

I'm working on an afghan between bears that I really do like. I bought the yarn for a different afghan that turned out to be not nearly as interesting as I thought. I am now far enough along to be able to figure out how much yarn I need to finish and, turns out, I'm only about 8 skeins short. It's a nice yarn (as opposed to the cheap stuff I use for bears) and available so I can easily get more. Whew. It's a fun kind of make it up as you go along. Plus when my hands get cramped knitting, I can just pick up the crochet project.

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