Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning was not a good breathing morning. I was struggling from the time I got up until I got to the pool and still through the first 15 minutes of my swim. And then it got better. Getting showered and dressed was a bit of a struggle breath wise. I sucked down some of my rescue inhaler and took it all slowly and now, an hour later, I think it is all fine. Weird how that happens.

My Twitter feed is about a twitter friend who is currently in the hospital with an aortic dissection. OUCH. My panting and coughing seems way more preferable and a lot less annoying than I thought it was an hour ago, frankly.

FINALLY, it looks like my Social Security application went through. The check application screen says that my application has completed the process and when I actually sign in, it shows I am getting Social Security in addition to Medicare. And payment is on the 3rd of the month. Yahoo! Finally on the dole.

The next season of House of Cards is available today. I think I'm going to hold off and rewatch the last season first. Plus I haven't finished watching Bosch yet. And Madame Secretary and Goodwife start up again this weekend. How did I get so behind already? With baseball starting up this could be an Issue!

I need to go to Walmart to get more bear stuffing. They have, hands down, the best deal on the kind I like. Plus I need kitty litter. And deodorant. But, none of that is really critical so probably won't happen today.

What is goign to happen today - right now, as a matter of fact... breakfast!!
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