Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Action in the 'hood

There are all kinds of workers working in the big apartment across the way. I can't tell what they are doing but they are doing something. There are about 7 of them. Meanwhile in the smaller one on the floor below, there are two guys unpacking stuff. They don't seem to be in any big hurry. It's nice to see action. Soon The Tree That I Hate will seriously impede my being able to keep good tabs.

My Papa Murphy's has a new manager. Usually when I go in, I am the only customer. Today she was filling someone else's order and apologized for the wait. I told her no problem as I wanted time to decide. When my turn "After all that thinking, I think I'll just have a regular old pepperoni." At which point she asked me if I wanted a made one. ????

Turns out they have premade one toppings ones for $6.25 as opposed to the $10.50 I was expecting to pay. KEWEL! I have toppings here and extra cheese so okdokey.

She also had on some incredibly cool lime green iridescent nail polish. It's in the idea bank for next time.

I just got an electronic reminder about my pulmonary appointment next week with a link to add to my Google calendar! I'm feeling much less stressed about this appointment. I made a mental list of all the worst case scenarios and what I would do about each while I was swimming today and by the time I got done, I was quite sanguine about the whole thing. Plus, he could say 'oh, here's a magic pill we just discovered. you should be breathing like a champ in no time.'
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