Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today's early morning swim went a lot more swimmingly (hahhaha) than Monday's. It was just lovely and drama free. I had to switch to another kind of goggles and, turns out, I kind of like these other ones better. They are old and scratched so I ordered new ones. It's always so fun to swim with new goggles. Mine will be here on Monday.

Amazon has this newish deal where Prime uses can select to trade 2 day delivery for slower delivery but $1 towards ebook. I now have $6 in the 'bank' - that's a half a book!

I think the big apartment across the way may be getting new occupants. They are painting over there today and last night they were showing it Or the new tenant was checking it out. Hard to tell. The guy who moved in to the smaller place just below it, is in no hurry to unpack. He went out last night and turned out the lights but something in there was glowing green and something else glowing blue. Weird and cool.

Nothing out of the ordinary doing today. A lovely day that is all mine. I wonder if I'll every get over how luxurious this feels.
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