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I bought this condo in December of 1991. It had just been converted from an old railroad warehouse. At the time they had sold about 20% of the 108 residential units. Now one rarely comes on the market and is sold fairly quickly when it does. About six months ago there were a couple that changed hands, one just down the hall from me. A very annoying brainless real estate agent sold her own unit and moved out. Buh Bye.

Last night was the monthly home owners meeting. These usually go very smoothly and last under an hour. We are blessed right now with a board president who is sharp as a bespoke chef's knife. She was once the CEO of Aldus and is now a consultant and knows her shit. Especially her managing people shit.

We have a rule backed into the incredibly-difficult-to-change bylaws that says if you want to change flooring from the wall to wall carpet, you must meet certain standards and you must have the permission of the owners in the unit below you.

Turns out the very annoying brainless real estate agent promised the buyers of her unit that they could replace the carpet with hardwood floors. And then, after they took ownership, they remembered to ask the owners below them and whaddya know... the owners below them said NFW.

And the resulting fan+shit came to the HOA meeting last night. It was not lovely.

There have been at least a couple of cases when permission was granted and the results were horrible. There's a family down the hall with an obnoxious little girl who possesses lead feet which she used to drive the guy below them mad. They very nearly ended up in court.

The people above me asked my permission once and I said no thank you. Fortunately, they decided to move instead and the people who bought their unit have never asked. Preventatively, I sent an email to the building manager for my file saying that I do not and will not grant permission to the unit above me. Just in case.

The new people last night don't even live there. They bought it for their daughter and her husband who where also there last night with the chickadee who sold the unit. They were trying to convince the board to change the rule since they can't convince the guy below them. It was a circus of stupidity.

The board president let it go on longer than it needed to and then spent a good 10 minutes nicely shutting it down. I was ready to take a poll on who had a weapon nearby. I feel guilty now and again for never serving on the home owner board. After last night, I think I'm good for about another 25 years of non serving.

1. read the rules before you buy
2. don't believe your obviously brainless real estate agent
3. want to do what you want? buy a house - but make sure it's not HOA controlled.
4. read the rules before you piss off everyone who attends the HOA meeting - you had a slim chance before. now you have people actively working to ensure you live on carpet for the rest of your days.

Love, your new neighbors.
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