Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Powering through... worth it

Last night's sleep was very sub optimal - way more on the suckage end of the scale. And this morning, 82 things worked in concert to keep me from swimming. I fought them all. I couldn't get out of the bathroom at home, my nose has a sore on it that is almost but not healed yet right where my goggles sit, my plan A replacement leaked but my plan B replacement worked and didn't rub the sore, there was zero parking on the right side of the street so I had to cross the busy street in the dark to get in, I was late, 30 minutes in back stroke lady showed up and took over my lane. No one and nothing wanted me to swim. But, I got out and moved to the training pool which was empty. It's a shorter lap but perfectly fine and peaceful and I got the rest of my mile in. And it was all totally worth it. There's something about gliding through water that is just the very best feeling in the world.

I think I ate something that didn't disagree with me but also doesn't quite vote my ticket. No cramps or anything, just not that perfectly fine feeling one tends to enjoy.

It's ok, I have nothing that has to be done today. I can nap or knit or do whatever I feel like. And I got my swim in and I didn't get hit by traffic going back across the street to my car. So all is good.

I may do some laundry. Oh and my brother's business newsletter is ready for an edit.
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