Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I love my doctor

For about 20-25 years I never went to a doctor, not once. Before that, it was only to get birth control pills. I got my tubes tied and so I didn't need that any more. Then about 10 years ago, I woke up one day and realized that I was getting old and if I needed a doctor, I'd be SOL. So I shopped. The first one I got seemed ok, but after about a year of wrestling with her office staff and being underwhelmed by her attitude, I got a divorce from her and went shopping again. (About a year after that Dr. #1 gave up practicing all together.)

That's when I found Dr. Lee. I remember the first time I ever went to him - my introductory visit - he was asking questions and instead of 'are you married? do you have a live in boyfriend/girlfriend?', he asked 'who do you live with?' which I thought was so personable. I answered 'my cats.' And he has never once ever seen me and failed to ask after my cats. Never once.

Anyway, Dr. Lee and I have been a couple for a while now and he's the best. He totally gets me and is so very respectful of my desires. I'm a treat the symptom, not the cause, type and he's so tolerant. He always offers (pap test, mammogram, colonoscopy, etc) but never presses or scolds.

Plus he got me through a bad bought with pneumonia four years ago when we also discovered y emphysema and he's managed that nicely. Without his guidance, I'd likely be way worse off than I am today.

This morning while I was swimming I actually wondered what he would think of my being sent to the pulmonologist. I thought maybe he would think it's not necessary or a waste of everyone's time. But, I decided to go ahead and play the cards I was dealt rather than bug him by asking. One consult isn't going to hurt anything probably.

And, then, just now, I got an email from him. (How much do I love being able to 'talk' to my doctors via email??!! LOTS). He said he was just back from vacation (he does not even work on Saturdays) and saw the recommendation and agreed with it 100%. He said that he saw that I had an appointment with Dr. Lee (maybe I should call him Dr. Lee2) and that he was a really good guy and if I have any questions or need anything to call or write him.

He did NOT need to even send me that email but I am sooooo grateful he did. I just love my doctor.


My swim was excellent. I got in the whole mile - most of it in a lane by myself. Lately on Saturdays there's a woman who comes at my 30-40 minute mark. She uses my lane (the slowest) and does only breast stroke but I swear she does the fast breast stroke on the planet. I'm not a fast swimmer. It takes me about 55 minutes to do my mile. But twice I had to stop so she could breast stroke on through. Impressive.

Then I came home and made what is possibly the best omelette in Seattle this morning. Bacon, green onions, avocado and sharp cheddar - perfectly cooked. YUM!

Now I need to clean up the kitchen and take the trash down to the dumpsters and get my wet suit out of the car where I forgot it when I came up before.
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