Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


No work dream last night. Instead, I was having breakfast with Katie Curic and Christine Baranski. It was lovely.

At least lately, I have the most wonderful dreams.

Today is the usual. Swim. As soon as the pool opens at 9. The woman who often spoils my Saturday swims swam yesterday morning and usually does not swim every day, so, hopefully, she won't be there today. But Saturdays are always so iffy. I'll go and shoot for my whole mile and be ok if I only get in half of it.

I don't really have any other plans today. I could go get brunch somewhere but I'm not terribly inspired. So I'll probably come home and brunch myself here.

I started a new crochet project last night. I have a pretty severe case of ADD when it comes to knitting and crochet projects lately. I have my bears and have no problem doing them one after another but on the side, I have trouble sticking with anything long enough to complete it.

Yarn is so forgiving. Crochet/knit this one piece for days and change your mind? Rip it out and the yarn is good for something else. I used to have a woodworker friend who loved working in fine wood and railed at the injustice that if he cut wrong, he was fucked. When if I knit wrong, no harm/no foul. I think of him every time I rip something out to use the yarn for something else. Hi Jim!

I used to get all stressed about completing stuff but now, I'm old and I don't give a shit. I enjoy the process as much or more than the product. I try to reuse the yarn I've got rather than buy new. Giant stashes of yarn can be a storage problem as much as a financial one.

But, otherwise, no rules. What's grabbed my fancy today could be abandoned tomorrow. No problem.

I also have delicious viewing ready on my TiVo - several episodes of Downton Abbey, a couple of episodes of Vera, and the first episodes of that new show about the Breaking Bad lawyer - it could be a bust, I have watched it at all. Plenty to keep me entertained.

In two weeks... March 4... there will be baseball again! This year many of the Spring training games will be televised which is very cool. I'm ready.
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