Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


For the past week or so, I have sucked down hits off my rescue inhaler before I got into the pool. I call it my Performance Enhancing Drug only I'm not sure, it's actually enhancing squat. Yesterday when I got out of the pool, I was coughing and panting for nearly an hour after. And, since it had only been an hour since I'd sucked down the inhaler, I had no more rescue available. (You need 4 or more hours between hits.)

So this morning, I didn't use it at all. And... my swim was great and after was fine. No coughing, no panting, no gasping. hmmmmm Ok, so new plan.

They had had a power outage at the pool last night and they only got the boiler back on a few minutes before I got there. The staff warned that the water was going to be cold. It was certainly more chilly poolside. BUT, turns out, the water was PERFECT! It was about 4 degrees cooler than normal and lovely. Our pool is cooler than the other city pools normally (and on purpose - my pool caters to lap swimmers who like it cool). But it was really excellent this morning. For me, colder water = faster swimming and today was a case in point. I peeled 5 minutes off my mile this morning!


I read a fair amount - more fiction than non fiction. I read for characters and plot. Poor writing can obscure my characters and plot to the point of making the book not enjoyable but otherwise, I honestly don't pay that much attention to the actual writing.

But, the book I'm reading now is the exception to that rule. Richard Price is my age and has been writing good works for a long time and I've been not reading him for just as long. He came out this month with a book under a pseudonym (which was quickly and openly acknowledged as his work anyway so not clear what the fake name is about), The Whites. I have no clue what made me pick it up but wow.

The writing is so good it's nearly getting in the way of my plot and my characters! I'm reading the audible version and it's just delicious. I am pretty sure that when I get to the end, I'm going to go right back to the beginning and listen to it all over again. It's such a treat.


I'm not sure what today will bring. I have nothing on the agenda but feel like I should go do something. I was thinking maybe a movie but there's really nothing I want to see at any theater I want to go to and a time I want. I might just drive down to Costco and walk around. I don't really need anything but it's close by and a walk I can do and there's always good people watching.

Maybe. But, first some breakfast.
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