Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The down side

The down side of working only in my sleep is follow up. More than a couple of times today, I've caught myself wondering what was happening with the PR crisis I handled last night. I woke up after we got the plan but before there was any feedback. Right in the middle of swimming my laps, I actually thought 'wonder when that postmortem is?' Maybe I'll have a follow up dream.

Which reminds me of an assistant I used to have at IBM who used to mark stuff she left on my desk with NO FU yet or FU from xxx. She meant, of course, follow up, but I read, of course FUCK YOU. Always made me laugh.

One of my favorite life guards told me today that she's leaving in a month to tour Europe for two months! I'm excited for her but I'll miss seeing her face at the pool. The upside is that for at least half of her shifts when I'm there, her replacement is another on of my very favorites who has rarely pulled a shift while I'm there. So it will be fun to see her 3 times a week.

I finally sound the ASUS tablet I've had for sale on Amazon forever. I sold it once in December and the buyer requested a refund 'I thought it was Windows.' Geesh. I thought I relisted it when it came back but apparently did not and only caught the error last week. I listed it again and dropped the price a bit and BAM. Sold it. $180 coming my way. I popped it into the mail on the way home from the pool.
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