Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My driver's license adventures yesterday turned out to be relatively painless. I had to wait about 20 minutes but it was a very relaxed 20 minutes. Eye test. $78 for the enhanced drivers license (one that gets me to Canada without passport). New pic. And I'm good until 2021. So, likely, that is my last driver's license renewal. If I'm still alive in 2021, I doubt I'll be ambulatory enough to drive a car. If I'm wrong, then ok, but my expectations protect me.

I followed that success with BB&B and then Target and then Trader Joe's. That was about 1 store too many for my stamina. I thought I had made it unscathed but then last night, it caught up with me. By 9:15, I felt like crap. So I went to bed, listened to my book for a few minutes and went to sleep. And this morning I am cured!!

I had work dreams again last night. These just crack me up. I dream I am in one working situation or another. It's always challenging and interesting and it makes for very pleasant dreams. Each of these dreams is different. Different jobs, different challenges, different people I'm working with. Last night there was a PR crisis and I had a good team to work through it with.

I think that I dream about working is hilarious. In real life, I think about getting a job now and again but then I realize that I'd likely have to leave the house, dressed. And I could not do one where I had to stand. I sure wouldn't want to work with the public. And on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I'd have to leave in the middle of the day to go swim. So... While dreaming about work doesn't pay too well, otherwise it's the perfect way to work.

I said I was not going to try to call Social Security to get an update again. My pants are on fire. I called this morning and am really glad I did. They pay 'after' the month. So I'm eligible on March 1 and will get that payment on April 1. So... that paints a different picture! The nice lady I talked to said that there was still plenty of time to get acknowledgement and have the payments start on time. Cool.

A quick look at my cash on hand and monthly nut says that I should be fine. I suspended 'pay' from my investments because I had an annuity mature and had a lot of cash. I've lived on that cash now for about six months and it's now a lot less cash. My plan is to turn on the investment tap again but for a lot less since the government will be helping. Throwing in another month isn't going to screw up the plans. Whew.

My brother is all into his plan to do CES here next year. (We went to the electronics show in Las Vegas for several years.) His idea is to scope out what we want to find out about and then have us, from my living room, 'tour' the show via podcasts and newscasts and other coverage. I think it sounds like great fun but mainly I am so flattered that he's willing to take a week out of his life and spend it with me. He's already planning and plotting the week and it's not until next January!

Meanwhile today is swimming at 11 and that's about it. The rest of the day will be just for stuff as it happens. Nice.
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