Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Majorette nails

My Mom had a truly liberal, inclusive, fair heart with a notch carved out of the edge. She had a real thing about majorettes. In her eyes they were the floozies, the sluts, the painted whores with no self esteem. There was no greater insult she could lay on you than to compare you to a majorette. I never did dig into the origin of this. It just was. (Cheerleaders, by the way, were fine.)

Frosted nail polish was a clear hallmark of a majorette. My aunt (my father's sister who had beautiful long lovely always impeccably manicured nails) wore frosted nail polish. It was an extremely delicate family situation.

I got my nails done today. Pink, frosted polish. Please do not tell my Mom.

I got eggs at Safeway that cost me $72. Ok, so I got a few other things while I was there. Yikes. Who buys ice cream in the dead of winter? Safeway's putting Ben and Jerry's on sale is just mean.

Groceries are now in the house and the second load of laundry is doing.

I just sent my doctor a note and asked him if there was anything we could do about my worsening breathing. The COPD will not ever get better but, perhaps, we can change drugs or something to get me just a little more breath. Maybe. Doesn't hurt to ask. I was going to bring it up when I see him in May but realized today that there's really no reason to wait. So the note.
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