Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

No swim Monday

There's been a lot of talk about signs of heart attack in women. Rosie O'Donnell's HBO special sparked Twitter with it and I've heard it recently on the radio and TV. She and others describe signs that could be a heart attack or just about anything else like, too much dinner or just plain tired. But, it's hard now, as an old, fat woman, not to think every single pang of discomfort is not a heart attack. If I were interested in living forever or medical help, I'd have been in the ER once a month for the past year. Last night, I would have been there for sure.

This morning I am cured. I'd feel better if I could go swim but, I'm good. I feel fine.

I think my main problem with Rosie's info and everyone else's is that she had symptoms for several days and others describe the same thing. I want the kind of heart attack where you are fine one minute and dead the next. Ditto for stroke or anything else. I can't find out where to sign up for that.

Since I'm still alive today, I think I may go get my nails done. And pop into the Safeway next door. I need eggs.

Everything else I want/need to do today is thwarted by Presidents Day. Oh well. No big deal.
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