Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Not at all fair

It's been several winters since we've had any decent snowfall here at my house. I feel like someone should pick up the country and turn it so the east coast is on top and some of their snow falls down to us. This winter we haven't even had too much real cold. Of course it isn't quite over yet but the runway is getting really short. It's just not fair.


I try to keep my sleep patterns so that getting up early to swim 3.5 (Saturdays aren't early early but still) days a week does not become a chore. But, I have a rare 3 days in a row with no early swim. The pool is closed tomorrow so this morning, I woke up at 6 and snoozed and listened to the news for a full hour and a half. And then spent the next hour and a half internetting. Lazy lazy morning.

I could go out to brunch but I think probably I won't. There's no place I'm really aching to go and I don't really need to spend the $$ and I have plenty of breakfast and other foods in the house. So I think I'll don my fleece pants and favorite ratty shirt and huddle in.


Yesterday I watched the first episode of new Amazon show, Bosch. It's based on and created by the author, Michael Connelly's books featuring the LA police detective. It was not perfect but it was pretty darned excellent TV. What fun! Plus there are more episodes for me to watch.

House of Cards' new season starts in a few weeks. I do love this new kind of TV.


I am interested in going to the movies again with our new Sundance theater. It was such a pleasant experience. Last night I was looking at what movies they were showing. There's nothing I really want to see right now but I also realized I have no movie knitting ready. I much prefer, especially when I'm by myself, to have knitting to do while sitting in a movie theater. The best is mindless lots of stitches knitting. Small bits like bears or complicated patterns don't work as well. So I cast on a scarf of about 400 stitches and did the first couple of rows. That should fill the bill for more than several movies and give me a fun product when it's done!


I got a love note from the state reminding me that my drivers license needs renewing in the next few weeks. I have an enhanced license that enables me to get into Canada and Mexico without a passport (as long as I get there by train, bus or car). The enhanced license is quite handy for me but it makes renewing online not a possibility. So I have to physically visit a DMV office. I'm shooting for Wednesday.

My nails need a redo and a new color. I'm shooting for Tuesday.

Those are the big plans for the week.

Now I think it's time to get my lazy butt out of bed and on with the day. Plus, the news is done on NPR and snuggly Zoey just left.
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