Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Broken brain

I am home where, I hope, it is safe for me to operate. After my swim (which was great - especially for a Saturday), I was almost home when I realized I didn't have my Shuffle. I had unclipped it to take inside to charge it and then lost track of it. I must have left it there on the bench. Back to the pool. Checked the bench. Nope. Checked with the receptionist. Nope. Checked with the lifeguards. Nope. Sigh. It has my name and phone number on it so maybe it will turn up.  (I do have a spare.)

And then I decided to pop into Walgreens. I went to pay with my phone. No phone. What the Phuck? I know I had it after the pool...  Back to the car and the phone's not in its holder. I checked everything again. Nope. Oh, wait. There it was under the crap on the passenger seat. Then I dug through all my swim stuff and there was the Shuffle. Wrapped in my wet suit.

I figured I had better get home where it's safe and if my brain dies it will at least be in familiar surroundings.  So... home it is. Breakfast done and all is cool.

My Saturday swimming buddy, Tanya, was way out of shape about my being missing last Saturday. She did say she was glad I wasn't dead. 'But you can't just not be here! That's unprecedented and we can't have that.' hahaha  Nice to be noticed.


While my brother was here he remarked that it was kind of interesting how I had lived so long in so very many places and had so many experiences over the first 40 years of my life but then have spent the last 25 in the same exact spot. And he's right. I know the cultures of the South and the Northeast and of the midwest and even of Northern California. I've lived in all of those places. BUT what I know is information at least a quarter of a century old.

My brother has lived in a lot of places and currently lives in Texas near Austin. It's kind of a cosmopolitan place but... no cannabis stores, no bins/barrels for all the different kinds of trash/garbage, stores there still hand out plastic bags for free and take out food comes in styrofoam. Living in Seattle is like living in a bubble.
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