Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning's swim was test #1 for a new cap. I have another new one come today and tomorrow will be test #2. My hair is just too fragile for the lycra caps I love. The chlorine is killing it so time for a fix or a wardrobe of hats. I'm going with the fix first and then hats if necessary.

I'm off in a minute to deliver the bears. The new delivery system is not quite as smooth and easy as the old. The new place isn't as handy and now I have to send an email a day or two before and make a kind of appointment and then drive there and then call and wait for someone to come down to the car. It's not horrible but it's just fiddly.  And, now I'm locked into 10 am today.

Then I need to stop off at Grocery Outlet.

And, really, that's about it for today. There's laundry that could stand being laundrered. But, that could also happen tomorrow.

Now I have fiddled around enough that getting to the bear place by 10 will need a sprint. Especially if I want to do it clothed. ARUGH.
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