Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Facing the worst part of me

Yes, TiVo Mini again. Today, when it didn't connect after the 48 hours I was told to wait, I called again. This time I got a CSR named Susan. TiVo is a complicated set of products which operate on a very complicated background of software and services. Their CSRs vary widely in competency but Susan is the first one I've ever run into in 15 years of TiVoing who was just a flat out bitch with a bad attitude.

She was rude and condescending. She told me that the other steps and information the previous CSRs had given me were all wrong. She walked me through the very steps I've been doing for two weeks. Just as she was telling me that the answer was for me to wait until engineers fixed the problem, the call got cut off.

I called back and got a great guy who was chipper and excited to help me. He looked at my file and said 'Whoa!!! You have fabulous patience!!' But, then we got cut off.

I called back and got Susan The Bitch back. Her attitude had not improved. I let her blather on for a while and then we got cut off again - this time because I pressed the red button on my phone that terminates the call.

I waited an hour. I called back and I got Ronnie. The up shot is that I have to wait another 24-36 hours and try again. But he was nice and apologetic and respectful and just really nice. So I feel better. But, damn I wish the thing would connect.

I do love that the bitch CSR is using my name AND my personality.


I'm sorry Rosie is leaving The View. I know she's a nut case and I do not subscribe to her whole agenda but I do appreciate the new, calmer her and she seems such a nice counter point to the others. I probably won't watch it much without her but that's ok. Baseball season will be taking up a whole lotta TV watchin' time here in a few weeks.


Long about Thursday or Friday of last week, the guy in the apartment directly across from me moved out and it is empty. My two cuddly bears in the apartment above him left town and aren't back yet. The other apartment I can see from my chair has had the blinds drawn for days. These people do not understand that 1. To be a good Voyeur, I need Voye-ees. and 2. I have new binoculars which are going to waste!!!


Someone using the caller ID of a rehab clinic in Minnesota keeps leaving me blank voicemails. I finally just blocked them today. I sure hope no one I want to talk to checks into that clinic. Oh wait. I don't want to talk to anyone! That's why god invented text and email.

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