Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today is Chef Anita day. She's chopping and prepping in the kitchen right now.

The TiVo saga continues. The last instruction was that in 48 hours, the account would be switched (the latest 'cause') and I'd receive an email and it would then all work as designed. The 48 hours is up in 1. I'm not hopeful. I know this sucker will work but getting there is painful and I'm also too stubborn to give up but that last bit is losing ground.

Another call I need to make this week is to Social Security. I'm expecting to get my first check on March 1. But, their 'check your status' page keeps saying no decision has been made yet. If there's a problem, I'd like some runway to get it fixed before I don't get paid.

I gave up waiting for my $400 tax refund. I suspect it may come some day. I'm not convinced it will be in my lifetime but I am convinced there is nothing in the world I can do about it. I do need to fill out that 1990's era software that my CPA needs to do my taxes. My last bit o' documentation won't be here until the end of the month but there's no reason not to be ready.

This is the first year without a W-2 form since 1966. I'm officially done. And totally cool with that.

Week before last, an Amazon order that I canceled didn't get canceled. It arrived via USPS so I just wrote on the box 'Return to Sender' and gave it back to the mail carrier. I just discovered today that using the very same tracking number, I can see it going back. Which makes sense but has not always worked. It's working now and yeah! It will be easier to track the timing of their getting me my money back.

Swimming today is at 11. Yesterday morning, I kind of went to the pool by rote. Today I'm really really looking forward to it. I love the feel of stretching out in the water and just moving through it. I kind of feel like most things in my life have viable substitutes... if this can't happen, then that or if this doesn't work, then that. But, if something happened that prevented my swimming, I really would be devastated. Nothing else comes close.

There are all kinds of pics today of the Mariners equipment and stuff being packed up for the trip to Arizona. I am sooooooo ready. The first game to be broadcast is March 4.
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