Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Getting back into my groove

Last week was great. I did a lot of things I don't normally do and it was fun. But, now it's time to get back to normal. I started with my swim this morning. It was not as fast as it could have been but it was lovely nonetheless.

Today is a blank day on the calendar. Nothing has to be done. No one is looking to me to do anything. A perfect day. Tomorrow Chef Anita comes. I'd really prefer she wait a week but she comes on the 2nd Tuesday and tomorrow is the 2nd Tuesday. Wednesday, the housecleaner comes. Friday I'll likely go make a bear delivery.

But today is a nothing day and I'm grateful. My main TiVo is stuffed. I'm backlogged on my podcasts. My TiVo Mini is still not happy. They said it would take 48 hours and that hits tomorrow about noon. I still reboot it and try it every 4 or so hours - mainly just to torture myself.

It's time right now to get up and make some breakfast. When we didn't eat breakfast out, my brother cooked it for me. He is a great and very inventive cook. It's a rather major comedown to have me behind the pan handle. Sigh. But, the only game in town is always the best one.
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