Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

He's on his way to Phoenix

I had such a great great visit with my brother. He's a great friend and a wonderful house guest. Very easy to get along with, fun and interesting. He's visited before but maybe only once or twice and the last time was nearly 4 years ago with his wife.

He and I were both shocked how intuitive my life and house were to him. When he couldn't find something, he'd think about where it might be for a half a second and bam, there it was. Especially in the kitchen. pretty funny. I used to worry about when I died and he would have to come here from Texas and unravel my life and what a major PIA that would be for him. I am no longer going to worry about that.

He's in the process of changing his business and needs new branding starting with a logo. He bought a package from 99 Designs and we spent a good bit of time together looking and deciding and picking and choosing and it was a great project for the two of us. He won't be using/needing the new branding until next August but he's got a great head start now.

I also learned just how bad my lungs have gotten. I can't walk more than a block without hitting impairment. Even walking slowly and on flat or downhill surfaces, I just don't have the breath. It's a bitch. I tried this week to push it and there was no push to have. We spent a lot of time waiting for me to catch my breath so we could walk on to the next block. My brother was incredibly patient but it was ridiculous.

On the up side, I have come across a mobility scooter rental outfit that will rent for short terms and deliver and pick up. But, I think my next doctor visit will contain some conversation to see if there is anything else we can do short of oxygen and maybe even a handicapped parking permit.

We ate in lots of fun restaurants. Lark turned out, once again, to be our hands down favorite. Best venue, best food and hands down best service. I love those people!

Last night my brother had the greatest idea. Instead of going back to CES next year, he's going to come here during CES and we're going to 'do' it via all the coverage and podcasts in the comfort of my living room. A geek week in house. I'm so jazzed. I'm also so flattered that he wants to come back and is willing to carve out some time to spend it with me. So cool.

I gave my Amazon Chase card a good workout. It's the first time I've used it like that and I was very pleased at how the website kept up so I could keep track and keep an eye out. Their website has more and better and more current than Discover Card's. There won't be any temptation to go back.

The TiVo Mini will still not connect but I called their customer service again today and if the theory du jour is correct, it never had a chance of working ever due to an account setup issue on their end. They have now created a new account for me and once their engineers convert me on the back end the Mini will work. It should take 48 hours. They should send me a email when it's ready. I'm only a little moderately hopeful. I still think getting it all to work will require swinging a dead chicken over my head 5 times.

There is no way I would consider watching TV without a TiVo but holychristonastick to they make it difficult!

Zoey is totally exhausted. She was fascinated to have someone else here to climb all over and bother and get stroked by and climb all over and nuzzle and climb all over. It was funny. But even this morning before he left she had totally run out of batteries. She's now impersonating a meatloaf.

I think I may go toss in a load of laundry and put some stuff away and then sit down and knit and watch some TV.
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