Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

All is excellent

Still having a great visit. Today's adventures included a visit to a pot shop. A new one opened up in the Central District near my pool so we went there. It is a lovely lovely shop. Nicely appointed with tons and tons of excellent information on the labels, store signs and they even have a menu of explanations and offerings. It was very cool.

Then on to the Mariners store to get a trinket for my brother's Red Sox son. He got a very nice beer cozy and I got his daughter some Mariners face patches. Ha.

Next on the list was a scarf for my brother's wife so we went over to Ballard to hit up some of the cute shops. We found a parking space on the street where we wanted and found the perfect scarf in the first shop we entered.

We might be going for sushi tonight but maybe French or... We can decide later.

I still try the TiVo Mini now and again and it still doesn't connect. Le Sigh.
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