Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

oh so thankful

My loft has one access to the outside - sliders to the terrace. Out the terrace is the parking lot for the stadium on the right and an apartment building on the left. Beyond that apartment building - between it and the train station - they are building a hotel. For the past few weeks they have been doing the pile driving.

Just now, I went out on the terrace to wipe the city grit off the table and the noise was just relentless. pound pound pound pound pound It's now been going on for so long that I am sue it will be over by the time it is warm enough to have the terrace doors open.


Living in the city is great. When you move here, you automatically sign up for a bunch of stuff, like city grit and city noise but pile driving is really the worst. It was really bad when they built the stadium and even worse when they were building the apartments. Unless they donate the rest of the stadium's parking lot (not likely) this could be the end of pile driving around here for my lifetime. WHEW. and YEAH!
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