Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

No more sleeps

I used to work for a wonderful guy who had a home in Spain. He and his wife would steal a couple of weeks a couple of times a year to go enjoy it (until they finally did retire there). As each time would approach, he would start his count down ... 4 sleeps until Spain!!  1 sleep until Spain!!  NO MORE SLEEPS!!

I have no more sleeps until my brother comes to visit. The last I heard from him, he was at the Austin airport and Google says his plane is in the air. His first plane. He has to change planes in Dallas. And gets here at 3.  I got a spare Orca card (mass transit) and I'm going to take the light rail out to the airport to meet him.

Before then, I have breakfast to make and eat, kitchen to clean, swimming to do and I need to take a UPS box (that the driver did NOT pick up yesterday - grrrrr) to Office Depot. Other than that, I am ready.


Remembering John (of the No Sleeps! until Spain), I wonder if he and his wife - who was also very cool - are still there and still enjoying it. I hope so. John was a great, great boss. He was nearly 100% blind. He could see shapes, I think but not much else. It was enormously freeing to sit down across from him and have a business conversation and be able to make any and all facial expressions you wanted without having it effect the meaning of the content.

A reorg shifted me to report to Van who was also a great guy but with 20/20 sight. One time we were in a 1:1 discussion and, forgetting where I was, I made some kind of funny/weird facial expression and he quipped "Susan, I an NOT John." Cracked me up.
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