Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Done and done and done

All the packages arrived. The sheets are on the fish bed.

And the powerline ethernet is set up and kind of functioning. Thanks to allanh's trial and error experience, I sent back the cheap ones and got the PLE400 set from Linksys. Even so, I have learned that some of my outlets are fine with the system and some are NFW. The bedroom TiVo is very happy and there's one good outlet in the fish bedroom. And I got one of the 4 port adapters and eliminated my switch. All seems to be working so far...

I did get a tracking number for the replacement TiVo.

The gel nail removal was only a tiny bit annoying and that's because I had both hands engaged and nothing to do. Next time I'll bring my Kindle. And there will be a next time because I am totally hooked.

I got the groceries I needed. So all is under control.

Also today I had a very strange and incredibly painful intestinal attack that went on for nearly an hour. And then and now I am fine. Very weird. And I would just as soon that not happen again.
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