Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Good swim this morning. I think sucking down my as needed inhaler is really helping. It may be psychosomatic but it's working and I don't care how. I'm no longer gasping for air after my swim!

My goal - set by me - is to do a mile every day and under and hour. I break that down by quarter hours. I can do 10 laps in 15 minutes but the second quarter, I slow down and lose a lap. That's where I need to work. I need to get that lap back. I feel like I can.

I have an appointment at 10 to get my gels off and re-on. Unless getting them off turns out to be a big old PIA, then I think I'll be keeping this as a going thing. I love having nice looking nails and except for the growing out part, these nails today look like they did the day I had them done. No chips, no nothin'. It's amazing. I do think that 2 weeks is better than 2.5, though for a redo.

After nails is a grocery stop which is, handily, just next to the nail place.

My stalker caller is back this morning. What a doofus head. At least I have now fixed it so the phone doesn't ring. The computer does, tho (Google Voice), so that's a bit of a bother. If I'm sitting at it, I'll just answer and then hang up immediately. Otherwise it goes to voice mail and he leaves a stupid message.

I am glad to have the Super Bowl hype done with. In my little world, the count down starts now to spring training. The first game is only a month away. I'm ready.
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