Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Done and todo

I used to have company come and stay here frequently but that's been years and years ago. It's really been forever since I've had overnight guests. And, instead of having a setup all ready to go, I've had to rethink the entire process.

Since it's only one person - my brother - I can give him the front room - the fish room. Especially now that it has that nice memory foam mattress. It also has an armoire I cleaned out and put hangars in, and a large, deep drawer plus a blanket chest and bench to put his shit on and a coat rack now cleaned off for whatever he wants.

I hooked up an octopus so he'll have plenty of available electrical plugs and a Qi charger plus a USB wall wart. When it comes tomorrow, I'll add an ethernet powerline port to the mix - the wifi back there is kind of dicey. Two clean towels and washcloths are on the bench. New sheets for the bed arrive tomorrow. My shit's off the hooks in the half bath (which is closets to that room).

I think that's pretty much it. He should have everything he needs without even having to ask.

The year the last of us left home, my parents sold the house in North Carolina and moved to New York City. And after that moved about 5 more times before the hit Charleston, SC - their final stop. We kids no longer had our rooms or our things in their house. But where ever they lived, whenever we visited, in the guest bathroom were cups with our names written on them and towels marked with clothes pins with our names on them. These little touches always screamed 'you are so welcome and we are so glad to have you here.'  It meant a lot. I think I'm just paying it forward here.
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