Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Nuthin here

I'm in a chat with TiVo. The guy, on Friday, said my replacement Mini would be here on Monday. But... I've gotten no confirmation, no tracking number so I'm skeptical. I opened up this chat to ask and the guy typed "I'm looking into it right now." about 4 minutes ago so now I'm sure it won't be here tomorrow.

Yep, guy just came back to say it will ship tomorrow. NOT expedited. What matters to me is that the guy on Friday told me that if I allowed them to charge my credit card (and refund when they get the broken one back) that they would send it out expedited to arrive on Monday, or possibly Tuesday. Which was a lie. Totally. TiVo is such a push pull for me. Their customer service has always been mediocre to horrible. And they run, according to my calendar, about a year or more behind in keeping up with the times upgrade wise, they are still the only/best game in town and I would never ever want to have to watch TV without them. Oh well.


I'm still in bed but my coffee is all gone and I'm hungry so... time to get up and get breakfasting. Today will be a lovely, quiet day inside. I will likely find the game on the tv so I can flip over and check on it or, more probably, the twitter feed that I keep running next to my browser, will let me know all I need to know.

If they win, then, likely, Wednesday will be challenged as far as getting in and out of here. Depending on how interested my brother is in watching the masses, we may well just high tail it over to Vashon Island. There's a burger place over there I've been wanting to try and I haven't even been there to drive around and look in years.

We've got lots of options. One thing I have always loved about Seattle is what a wonderful place it is to entertain visitors. When I first moved here, my front door acted like a revolving door as everyone I knew came to visit. There's a very cool tour of the historic district (where I live) and I think I took that tour a dozen times in the first year I lived here. But, really, no matter what your interests, there is lots to do here, easily. And fun things to see and great places to eat. I love my town.


I'm all ready to get up and get going but Zoey just settled in for a little cuddle. Maybe I'll spend a few minutes playing a computer game and enjoying some kitty love and then have breakfast.
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