Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Plans change

I had the most excellent swim. The slow, lane hogging backstroker who is the bane of my Saturday swim showed up but by the time she got there, I had already done 1,000 yards in very nearly my best time. I managed to get in another 500 yards working around her before I quit so I called it a success.

I did remember the inhaler this time and while it's more than likely my imagination, it seems to have made a difference.

So on on victory's wings, I decided to go back to that brunch place I found last week. Mainly I wanted to see if it was as fabulous as I thought. Not so much as it turns out. It was nice and more than adequate but not brunch nirvana. They do have beignets which are very excellent. I ate one hot and brought the other two home.

And now I am home for the duration. I don't plan to go anywhere until Monday morning so I won't have to hear anyone else replace standard hi/bye greetings with Go Hawks! Maybe... if I'm lucky.
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