Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My plans for today are... swimming and that may be it. I'm not so motivated to go out to brunch. I have brunch makings here and I will be eating out a lot this week with my brother. And I don't really need anything at the grocery store since I have to go Monday anyway.

So, I think swimming. I'm hoping to get in at least 30 minutes, a half mile before the Saturday swimmers clog up the lanes OR a whole mile for an hour if they decide to go do some Seahawkian thing instead. It's swimmers who take up the whole lane, or go slowly and won't let you pass through or two or three swimming together who block your path. Those kinds of people turn up on Saturdays.

I don't mind sharing a lane at all. Sharing a lane with 3 or even 5 swimmers is fine if they are all polite. Even if they are slower than I am, if they are respectful and thoughtful they will pull over or stop at the end and let me swim through and that's fine. But lane clogging divas are not fine. Just one can make a lane unswimmable.

Here's hoping they all sleep in this morning, resting up for tomorrow.
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