Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It's a hate technology day...

My TiVo Mini arrived and I killed 3 hours trying to get it connected. Total fail. Back to TiVo. Replacement should be here Monday-ish. TiVo is a marvelous thing. But setting one up is right up there with waterboarding. Even this Mini, which should be dirt simple... After I boxed it up and put it by the front door, I researched the error. The TiVo Support guy said he had seen a fair amount of it. The internets say 'see you and raise you 100%'. Apparently V70 is an oldie but goodie shared and not enjoyed by many. Going back to when the first Mini's were shipped. Some boxes have it and some don't. Youdathunk they'd have maybe poured some resources into fixing it but apparently not. Really, TiVo?

Also I decided to give Powerline networking a try. Maybe that will work better. Maybe not. Amazon's sending. Those adapters will be here Sunday. I'm still in a free return shipping on all of it if I can't make it work. So no harm no fowl[sic] except for person tech stress. Really just stretching my brain.

The condo association had its annual meeting this past Monday. I used to go every year but finally hit the wall one year and vowed I'd never go again. My neighbor down the hall, Ann, votes my proxy. I have been and plan to continue to go to the monthly meetings. They are nicely run and informative and mostly without many idiots.

Since I didn't go, I didn't know who won the board seats and who the new president is. Turns out the new president is the old one and that's a massively good thing. Sandy is the smartest person in this building and her skill set is managing people and organizations. I don't know how we got her to take over the lead roll but I am so glad we did and glad she said ok to year two. She's also lived here since the building was opened like I have.

It seems like I had something else to add to this entry but whatever it was is gone now. Buhbye...
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